leaf switch pushbuttons

leaf switch buttons

High-Performance Arcade Pushbuttons with integral minature gold-plated leaf switches.

  • Gold-plated contacts.    No tarnishing nor degradation results in no deterioration in response. The contact leaves and the external connections are fully gold plated.
  • Low inertia    The moving part of the button is ultra-light and only 10mm deep, unlike other types where the plunger extends the full depth of the button.
  • No Click    Leaf switch means no clicking micro-switch.
  • No Plunger Spring    The body of the button contains no large spring. This results in a uniquely low actuation force of 45 grams for the entire button.
  • No Hysteresis. This is the difference in button depression for the contact close and open points. On these buttons the position is the same, resulting in maximum repeated actuation performance. On micro-switch buttons this "dead" distance can be up to 1.5 mm.
  • Concave top. Most serious gamers prefer the classic concave tops over the convex which are commonly used on Japanese low-inertia buttons.
  • Robust.    The limit stop of the button is supported by the button body not the switch so no chance of switch damage owing to over-enthusiastic play!
  • Compact integral design.    No fiddly assembly after fitting through the panel. Totally enclosed leaf-switch contacts.
  • Economic    Despite their performance these are similar in price to standard arcade buttons and the price is all-inclusive, nothing extra to pay for add-on switch options.
  • Nut & Thread Fixing.  We have retained the traditional threaded fixing rather than the push-in design of certain other low-inertia buttons as we believe this gives the most effective permanent mounting in all types of panel up to 19mm (3/4 in).

Connecting your pushbuttons

These pushbuttons have 2.8mm connector tags.
For I-PAC hand-wired connections we sell packs of 100 crimp connectors.
For Mini-PAC pre-made harnesses, select the 4.7mm types, these fit satisfactorily.