This page contains details of software available for all products for controlling output devices, reading inputs programatically and other usage.

Ultimarc Software Development Kit


These files contain the following code:

Output control:

  • PacLED64
  • PacDrive
  • U-HID PC Controlled LEDs
  • I-PAC Ultimarc I/O Controlled LEDs
  • NanoLED
  • USBButton
  • Servostik 4-8 way switching


  • USBButton Read State

Demo Code:

  • PACDriveDEMO with source. Covers all products above and includes a GUI control panel

Ultrastik 360 SDK


Contains a DLL for sending pre-configured maps to the ultrastik 360 and changing its ID. Includes demo GUI program.

Linux Utilities

These cover several of our products and are being added-to. Please note we are not able to provide direct support for these utilities:

Linux Library and command line utilities developed by Katie Snow

SharpDX Input Device Coding

This is a project which was produced by a customer (Thanks Marcel!) and simplifies programmatic recognition of input data. It was written/tested for our Ultrastik360 but would be useful for all input devices. Although we are unable to offer support we would like to hear from anyone who finds these utilities useful for any products.

The Ultrastik360 is accessible via DirectX/DirectInput, an unmanaged C/C++ programming interface. Using this interface in .NET requires knowledge of C++ by writing managed wrappers. The open source library from  http://sharpdx.org/ did exactly that, so using the stick in .NET is now done in a few lines of code.

This Example shows a simple example in C#.  The minimum needed parts of the SharpDx library (2 dll’s, 700kb) are automatically downloaded and managed via NuGet when you compile first time.

  • SetupTestSharpDx.exe  file is a full automatic inno-setup which places the required binaries in ‘program files’ (exe with some dlls)
  • The binaries file contains the same files, but without setup. Unzip them anywhere
  • The source file contains a readme, the visual studio 2013 C# project with all necessary source files  (Framework 4.5.1).
In the project there is a readme file with more technical info

Ultimarc Firmware Update Driver

The various utility programs for our devices incorporate a firmware upgrade feature. This requires a driver (the only time a driver is required). The driver installs on the fly but should a manual install be required, this installer does this. Run the Setup program in the Setup folder.