The U-HID is our most capable input/output HID (Human Interface Device) with 60 connections. Widest range of inputs: pushbuttons, momentary switches, toggle switches, joysticks, rotary encoders (spinners), 12-way or N-way rotary switches, trackballs, optical devices, pots, analog voltage sources, and more! Widest range of assigning: keystroke, gamepad button, gamepad analog axis, mouse axis or buttons, 5V output, quadrature mouse pair, LED controls, and more!

Similar to the U-HID board, this has 36 connections and adds Bluetooth connectivity. Available with Mini-USB "power-only" connector or CR2032 battery.


Harness with 32 push-on connectors. Ideal for wiring control grounds, LED power and ground. Can be cut to length. Note all our controls require the...

The U-HID Nano board gives you all the versatility of the U-HID board, but smaller form factor, with 8 inputs/outputs, and very economical. All inputs can be assigned as Analog, Keycodes, Gamepad buttons, Mouse buttons or quadrature (Trackball, spinner). Also can be assigned as outputs.

CSR Dongle. If used with Windows 7 or earlier, software will be needed which can be downloaded from downloaded from here . This software is also required...

8-connection harness, plus ground. Double ended, can be cut to form two wire-end harnesses. Length 900mm (35 in)

Harness for 32 Switches. Length 350 mm. Available with 4.8mm, 6.3mm or combined 4.8/2.8.

Lithium Polymer battery for BlueHID BC. 1200Mah. Please Note: This can only be ordered with a BlueHID BC board as LiPo shipping rules state it has to...

Additional wires with push-on connectors. Length 550 mm. Available with 4.8mm or 6.3mm connectors. (Select 4.8mm for use with our products).

Harness for U-Trak Trackball and SpinTrak Spinner plus spare positions.