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NOTE: Unfortunately, owing to a large volume of emails, we would be grateful if questions could be related to our products only, unless you are really stuck! Also check the I-PAC troubleshooting section here.You will find expert and willing help on the message board at This is the best place for discussing general emulation and control panel design issues etc.

I always answer though so please ask if you can't find the info anywhere. We are getting an increasing problem of answers to support questions (and tracking numbers for orders) being "bounced" owing to customers spam filters. If you are repeatedly sending emails and receiving no reply, please try to use an alternative address and, as a last resort please use the phone number below.

Phone number:

Before using the number below PLEASE READ!
We are aware that when ordering on the web, customers like to see a phone number in case of credit card billing problems etc, or email problems. This number is not for telephone support unless by prior arrangement by email. Unfortunately (at least for now) we don't have the resource for first-line support by phone.
The number should only be used between 2 - 5 PM EST. (7-10 PM GMT).
From the USA: 01144 208 7150813
Rest of world: +44 208 7150813
UK: 020 87150813